The Wild Wellness Body Image Program is designed to help you break free from negative body image, build trust in your body and start taking steps towards living your most adventurous and full life. 

Wild Wellness Body Image Course

A six-week course and coaching program designed for adventurous women who are ready to stop being tamed by diet culture and step into their full potential.


Find freedom from creating your own definition of wellness, that comes from a place of joy and compassion. Not from fear and hatred of your body. 


Stop yo-yo dieting and find peace within your body. Create routine and structure that is sustainable for your adventurous lifestyle.


Start to focus on your dreams that are more important than your appearance. Take the first steps in exploring your calling in life and take action!


Take tangible steps towards becoming the wild, bold, confident and successful woman you are meant be.

What you'll get

6 weeks of videos, lessons, and prompts designed to keep you engaged and accountable in your body acceptance journey. 

Weekly coaching calls with Q + A sessions and additional exercises. Build community with a group of like-minded women. 

Gain access to monthly alumni calls where you will receive 1 on 1 coaching and stay connected with the Wild Women community after the course is complete. 

"The Wild Woman Body Image Program was an awesome boost of confidence in my body that I have never had before. I got to meet such incredible women in the group who were so uplifting and positive, which was a comfort while talking about uncomfortable topics. Highly recommend!!"

Take steps towards becoming the more wild, bold, confident and successful woman you are meant to be. This course will help you to stop shit-talking yourself and break free from the negative beliefs and messages you hold about your body! You will regain your time and energy to go after your dreams rather than wasting time hating your body.

6 monthly payments



Pay over the course of six months and receive all of the same great material!


3 monthly payments



Break up the payments into three installments. It's the gift to yourself that keeps on giving. 


Pay in full



Treat yo self. Pay in full today and don't worry about budgeting or payments in the coming months. 


Let's do this!

The first module will drop, May 14th. Each week lessons and prompts will be released through our online course platform.

Group coaching calls will take place Wednesdays at 5pm PST. We will use this time to deepen our understanding of how we relate to our bodies and food. We will have space to ask questions, build community and celebrate our wins.


  • May 14th first module drops
  • May 19th 5pm PST coaching call
  • May 26th 5pm PST coaching call
  • June 2nd 5pm PST coaching call
  • Week off
  • June16th 5pm PST coaching call
  • June 23rd 5pm PST coaching call
  • June 30th 5pm PST coaching call

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